Overview of our developed card system for our six core partner universities


We like to introduce our “card system”, developed as a result of our successful UBL/CE Transfer Workshop series conducted for each of our six core partners. This system is designed to help our partners promote University Business Linkages (UBL) and Career Enhancement (CE) in a clear, concise and visually appealing way. We have created a series of cards for each of our partners which, on the one hand, are closely modelled after the University of Leipzig’s UBL/CE transfer approach – as a part of the so called “Leipziger Way”. On the other hand, they offer specific information, goals and activities that our core partners have to provide. Feel free to look around and find out what our partners are doing.

What is the Card System?

The Card System is a set of promotional materials that summarize what each of our partners has to offer on the topics of UBL and CE. Each card contains key information, such as the relevant stakeholders, definitions, and a brief description of their UBL/CE initiatives. The cards are designed to be used either in a digital format, such as a PowerPoint presentation, or as printed material for physical meetings.

How does it work?

Our Card System is easy to use and customize. We can simply choose the cards that correspond to the partners you want to showcase, and arrange them in a way that makes sense for your presentation or meeting. We can also add individual branding and messaging to make the cards fit seamlessly into the overall transfer strategies.

Why use the Card System?

The card system is an effective way to promote UBL and CE initiatives in a clear and visually appealing way. It allows you to quickly and easily highlight the key strengths of each of our partners, making it easier to communicate the value of a UBL/CE transfer activity. It helps our partners provide an overview and insight into everything that is going on in relation to UBL/CE at their institution. It is intended for internal use to help administrative staff, researchers, lecturers and students understand what their university is already doing. Equally, it is intended to show external partners where the university is coming from, what activities are already taking place and who to contact for further collaboration.

Whether our partners are looking to promote UBL/CE initiatives to potential partners, stakeholders, or other interested parties, our Card System can help them do it quickly and effectively.


Have a look at six universities participating in our early drafts of Card Sets from our insights on the output resulting from our UBL/CE Workshop Series


Marcel Liebich

Coordinator for ACCESS (UBL)
Leipzig University
Management and Economics of Innovation
+49 341 97 33654

Bismark Agyei Yeboah

Coordinator for ACCESS (UBL | AGEA)
Leipzig University
+49 341 97 39765

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