Employability Research

The ACCESS Research Pillar aims to bring scrutiny to bear on an issue of enormous importance, not only for Africa, but for the globe. Namely, that of graduate unemployability. With over 60% of Africa´s population under the age of 25, and African labor markets seemingly unable to absorb this massive demographic bulge, the questions of employability skills, needs of labor markets, and the role of universities have never been more urgent. Given the sheer size and scope of these issues, the ACCESS research pillar takes a multidisciplinary approach to tackling these enormous questions.

Partnering with 7 universities from all over Africa, and with a research pillar comprising academics from business, IT, geography, anthropology, history and more, the ACCESS team brings together cutting edge researchers and academics from all over the globe.

12 PhD candidates from our partner universities in Africa will join our team in Leipzig, and be able to take part in the research academy of Leipzig´s classes and course offerings. Their research focuses on a wide variety of topics, ranging from employability and community expectations of universities, to gender mainstreaming.

In addition to our doctoral program, the ACCESS research pillar is conducting ongoing research investigations into informal sector labor across Africa, creating an employability handbook, and working on creating an online employability assessment tool. With a dedicated and focused team intent on delivering quality research output, the research pillar is a critical component of the ACCESS project.