Welcome to the overview to our PhD Programme! 

We have rigorous selection criteria that prioritize talented and dedicated candidates that focus research topics which address the most relevant questions and challenges the ACCESS Project tries to find solutions for.

Once admitted, our PhD candidates embark on a challenging and rewarding journey structured around multidisciplinary research institutes, detailed seminars, and independent research projects. We encourage collaboration and provide a supportive academic environment. We are specifically thankful for the various and different multidisciplinary experiences, methods and specialist who help to shape our PhD Scholarships.

Our candidates have the opportunity to pursue research in a wide range of topics, from the sciences to the humanities and social sciences, IT, engineering and more. We are committed to providing the resources and support necessary for our candidates to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Explore this site to learn more about our PhD Programme, selection criteria, process, and candidates. We look forward to welcoming you to our academic community.

Let's start with a preview of our PhD Candidates!


ACCESS PhD Candidates

University of Ibadan Ibadan

Temitope Faloye

PhD Topic:

Gender mainstreaming policy and soft-skills exhibition as predictors of female university graduate employability in South-West, Nigeria.


1st Cohort

MKU Kenya

PhD Topic:

Adoption of digital marketing in entrepreneurial universities for empowerment of the Youth: a case of Kenya.


1st Cohort


Emmanuel Agyemang

PhD Topic:

Getting a job in Ghana: Impacts of Social Networks on Graduates Job Attainment in the Ghanaian Labour Market.


1st Cohort


PhD Topic:

Developing Internationalization Competence of SMEs in African Emerging Economy: The Role of University–Business Linkages.


1st Cohort

The criteria process involved stakeholders of the ACCESS PhD Programme

Selection Criteria

Selection Process

1st PhD Cohort (2020 - 2023)

Christopher Boafo


Host University: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) | Ghana

Biography: Christopher Boafo holds an MBA (Small and Medium Business Studies) from Leipzig University. In this university, he works as a Junior Researcher at the International SEPT Competence Center while enrolled as a PhD Student at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science. At SEPT MBA in Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Development, he teaches aspects of Internationalization of SMEs.

Current Research Project: University business linkages in Ghana

Research Interests: Christopher current research interests are focused on university-business (SME) linkages, informal firms, and enterprise clusters in the context of Africa. Across these fields, he conducts research from the lens of international entrepreneurship and international business competences.

Academic CV:

Since July 2020: PhD Student, Faculty of Economics and Management Science, Leipzig University

2016–2018 MBA in Small and Medium Business Studies, Leipzig University

2008–2012 B.A. in Publishing Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana

Jean Marc Aurele Toni


Host University: IRGIB Africa University | Benin

Biography: Jean Marc is originally from the Benin Republic, but lived for several years in the United States where he gained a background in computer science and ICT.

Current research project: University Spin-offs / Academic Entrepreneurship Coaching  

Research interests: Entrepreneurship, Education, Strategy

Academic CV:

MBA – IRGIB Benin-2020

BSC – Information and computer technology-2016

A.S in Computer science- 2013

Doris Alago


Host University: Mount Kenya University (MKU) | Kenya


Biography: Having studied Bachelor of Commerce and Master in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing option, I joined the African Centre for Career Enhancement and Skills Support (ACCESS) project research team at Universität Leipzig as a research fellow.

Current research project: Social customer relationship management in universities

Research interests: Business information systems, social media, employment

Academic CV:

2012 BA in Commerce

2015  MBA with a focus in marketing

2020 to date: Pursuing Ph.D. Business Information Systems

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