The scope and structure of the UBL/CE Pillar Roll-out

A large part of the UBL pillar’s work consists of designing UBL & CE activities, not only for the core partners of the ACCESS project, but also for partner universities from the regional networks. Building on the efforts of the core partners’ activities and fields of activity, the next step is to broaden the perspective to the regional networks in order to transfer aspects and results of our work to them. The so-called roll-out of the UBL Pillar thus foresees two central pillars. The development and implementation of activities of the core partners and the support and the integration of partners from the regional networks. This is an ongoing process that is expected to launch numerous activities by the end of 2024. It is not so much about covering the whole process of an activity, or implementing a certain type of activity, but more about launching tailor-made activities for their respective environment.

Roll-out structure for the UBL Pillar

Partner Roll-Out (six African partner universities) (six African countries) (multiple strategy documents) (several UBL & CE activities)

Regional Roll-Out (at least five regional African universities per partner) (various topics & competences for transfer) (driven transfer & exchange) (several UBL & CE activities)

Our focus lies on the respective transfer ecosystems of the individual universities and their activities in the field of UBL & CE. Building on the existing structures, processes were to be initiated to support their already existing or newly initiated efforts. Particular emphasis was placed on developing strategy documents that would be conducive to ongoing support and dissemination of the topic. Along with this, the development of concrete activities went hand in hand to promote the topic from the practical side as well.

The roll-out in the regional networks envisages that the African partners in the ACCESS project will network with their regional peers and exchange insights, ideas and strategies. The problem of insufficient employment for graduates requires a collaboration of as many stakeholders as possible, who are equally interested in using university fields of activity such as UBL & CE as a contribution to solving the problem.

African Partner Network | Core partners & Affiliated regional partner HEIs

Core Partner:

Mount Kenya University

Affiliated regional HEIs:

MOI University

Egerton University

South Eastern Kenya University

Dedan Kimathi University

Pwani University

Kenyatta University

Riara University

Core Partner:

INES Ruhengeri - Institute of Applied Sciences

Affiliated regional HEIs:

Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences

IPRC Musanze

University of Lay Adventists of Kigali

IPRC Ngoma

University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies

Core Partner:

University of Tunis

Affiliated regional HEIs:

Carthage University

University of Monastir

University of Jendouba

University of Kairouan

University of Sfax

Core Partner:

University of Ibadan

Affiliated regional HEIs:

Afe Babalola University

Bayero University

Obafemi Awolowo University

University of Abuja

University of Port Harcourt

Core Partner:

IRGIB Africa University

Affiliated regional HEIs:

University of Abomey-Calavi

Les cours Sonou

Institute Supèrieur de Mathmèthiques et de sciences Physiques

Ecole Superieure Jean Michel Le Faucon


Core Partner:

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

Affiliated regional HEIs

Tarkwa University

Takoradi Technical University

Accra Technical University

Ghana Communication Technology University

Koforidua Technical University

Soon to come

This section will frequently change and reflect on activities spearheaded by the UBL/CE Pillar. It will show a diverse set of events & workshops that relate to our core topics which are carried out by the African stakeholders.


Marcel Liebich

Coordinator for ACCESS (UBL)
Leipzig University
Management and Economics of Innovation
+49 341 97 33654

Bismark Yeboah

Coordinator for ACCESS (UBL | AGEA)
Leipzig University
+49 341 97 39765

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