African Centre for Career Enhancement & Skills Support

Today's challenge, tomorrow's solutions: Improving employability to match our future.

This is what we are working on

We summarize our work in four pillars. They describe our most relevant services and what constitutes ACCESS.

For the education of future thinkers, inventors and visionaries of Africa, we develop teaching concepts for professors and teachers. With the help of digital platforms for the implementation of intrapreneurial learning processes for employability, we facilitate the learning and coaching process for students and lecturers.

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Centered on the third mission of higher education institutions, we pursue a strengthening of the relationship between universities and the private sector. Our goal is to expand cooperation and knowledge exchange between stakeholders, thus creating a growing and enriching environment and new professional opportunities for African students. To achieve this, we emphasize on the development of organizational structures that are suited to the respective environment and its stakeholders.

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How can we increase the employability of African students? This is what we at ACCESS are dealing with in research. A doctoral program and a digital self- assessment tool help universities to understand their strengths and weaknesses in terms of promoting the employability of their students.

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In the African German Entrepreneurship Academy (AGEA), which is a part of ACCESS, we promote entrepreneurship in Africa and cooperation with Germany.

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A strong network

Initiated by the University of Leipzig, we are developing new ways to approach Africa's labour market.

The number of African university graduates will continue to increase massively in the next few years. We must therefore work together with our colleagues in Africa to offer young talents a professional future at their own doorstep. ACCESS can make a significant structural and methodological contribution in this regard and upscale its interventions to a network of 30 universities.

Prof. Dr. Utz Dornberger - ACCESS Director

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