About the University

The Institut d'Enseignement Superieur (INES) de Ruhengeri was founded in 2003 and currently teaches about 3.250 students. The university in Rwanda has about 100 lecturers. An additional 50 people support the university as administrative staff. The goal of the private learning institution is to impart knowledge that serves and ultimately helps unite the world. It combines theoretical learning and practical application to train its students to responsibly find sustainable solutions to the challenges facing our society.

INES Ruhengeri has joined ACCESS to jointly develop innovative teaching methods that support their mission. To do this, it is significant to connect students, universities and companies. The goal of INES de Ruhengeri is to be a role model as a teaching institution in the region and beyond - especially in the area of practice-based learning and in the philosophy of teaching. The prerequisite for this is integrative learning approaches that are created through collaborations between the academic, business and private sectors.

ACCESS unites all these stakeholders and offers an ideal platform for gaining or exchanging experience together.


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