University Business Linkage

Centered on the third mission of higher education institutions, we pursue a strengthening of the relationship between universities and the private sector. Our goal is to expand cooperation and knowledge exchange between stakeholders, thus creating a growing and enriching environment and new professional opportunities for African students. To achieve this, we emphasize on the development of organizational structures that are suited to the respective environment and its stakeholders.



  • Strengthen of cooperation between universities and the private sector
  • Increase the number of graduates into the local labor market
  • Development and strengthen of transfer activities at African universities
  • Development and expansion of measures to promote the employability of university graduates



  • Design of customized UBL/CE strategies
  • Establish national university networks and transfer project results to all and future stakeholders
  • Workshops with local business associations to promote joint activities
  • Initiative for partnerships between German companies and partner universities in the global south
  • Identification and support of university activities in the area of career development

For insights into our work have a look at the following sections!


Bismark Yeboah

Coordinator for ACCESS (UBL | AGEA)
Leipzig University
+49 341 97 39765

Marcel Liebich

Coordinator for ACCESS (UBL)
Leipzig University
Management and Economics of Innovation
+49 341 97 33654

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