Mount Kenya University


About the University

Mount Kenya University (MKU for short) offers its students access to higher education – at its headquarters in Thika and at various other locations in East Africa. The University's academic program is characterized by innovation and is geared towards the technical and scientific needs of African society.

The University's Vision is to become a centre of excellence in teaching, research and innovation in the areas of science and technology in Africa. The underlying mission is to pursue world-class education, research and innovation to make individual development, as well as sustainable global development, possible. The philosophy is to impart knowledge in applied sciences and technology for the benefit of humanity.

The goal of MKU is to contribute to Kenya's economic development so that it becomes internationally competitive. This is to be achieved through efficient, innovative and high-quality access to knowledge for students. Based on this motivation, Mount Kenya University has joined ACCESS to jointly promote education in Africa. The university is aware that there is an increasing number of unemployed university graduates and wants to counter this topic together with access.

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