Our Bio-Biz: Business Models for Sustainable Use of Biodiversity (ENG) course is publically available on Atingi.org. Students of all subjects that relate to biodiversity and the use of its resources can use this course as a self-paced learning opportunity. For lecturers of all universities the course offers a valuable resource for blended learning approaches. Through this course:

  • Students will understand what a business model is and they will be able to relate it to innovation, biodiversity and sustainability.
  • Students will learn how to analyse customer segments and their needs.
  • They will be enabled to design business models that satisfy those needs in a sustainable way.
  • Students will analyse existing business models and understand how to analyse their sustainability.
  • Students will explore the policy framework on the Nagoya protocol and the intention of the access and benefit sharing (ABS) mechanism.

Through the development of entrepreneurial skills, young researchers can actively contribute to the development to the creation of decent jobs for graduates and to more sustainable products and services.

The course was developed within the ABSbio project with kind support from the the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

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