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With a focus on the third mission of higher education institutions, we pursue strengthening relationships between universities and the private sector. Our goal is to expand cooperation and knowledge exchange between stakeholders, thus creating a growing/enriching environment and new professional opportunities for African students. In doing so, we focus on the development of organizational structures that adapt to the respective environment and its stakeholders.

The pillar is made up of experts from both Africa and Germany, with a diverse range of backgrounds and experience in the fields of education, business development, and innovation. Through collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the group aims to create effective and tailormade solutions that address the unique challenges facing African university graduates.

One of the key goals in addition to their work on skills training and building partnerships between universities and businesses, is the strong emphasis on improving the transfer structures of universities. Specifically, the pillar is focused on mapping and strengthening the ecosystem through the development and piloting of UBL/ CE activities and transferstrategies at HEIs.

General Tasks

The Pillar working group is dedicated to improving the collaboration between universities and the private sector. By fostering partnerships and building stronger connections between these two groups, the group hopes to create more opportunities for graduates and improve their chances of finding employment.

One of the key goals is to increase the number of graduates who are able to find jobs in their local labor markets. This will help to boost economic growth and reduce unemployment rates in African countries.

We are also focused on developing and strengthening transfer activities at African universities. This includes creating programs and initiatives that help graduates gain practical experience and develop the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

Finally, we are committed to developing and expanding measures to promote the employability of university graduates. This includes identifying areas where graduates may be lacking in skills or experience and developing targeted solutions to address these gaps.

Specific Tasks

To achieve their goals, the Pillar is engaged in a number of specific initiatives. This includes designing customized University Business Linkages and Career Enhancement (UBL/CE) strategies that are tailored to the specific needs of African universities and their local labor markets.

The members are also working to establish national university networks and transfer project results to all stakeholders, both now and in the future. This will help to ensure that the benefits of their work are felt across the entire African higher education system.

In addition, the Partners are organizing workshops with local business associations as part of our Summer Schools to promote joint activities that will benefit both graduates and employers.

The pillar is also spearheading an initiative to establish partnerships between German companies and partner universities in the global south. These partnerships will help to create new opportunities for graduates and foster greater collaboration between universities and businesses.

Finally, we are working to identify and support university activities in the area of career development. This may include creating new programs or initiatives to help graduates gain practical experience or providing support and resources to existing programs that are already in place.

Find below our Core Activities which spearhead all activities of our African Partners

Core Activities


Growing number of UBL/CE Measures at HEIs

Three winning Ideas of Activities, Services or Measures per Year


Marcel Liebich

Coordinator for ACCESS (UBL)
Leipzig University
Management and Economics of Innovation
+49 341 97 33654

Bismark Agyei Yeboah

Coordinator for ACCESS (UBL | AGEA)
Leipzig University | SEPT
+49 341 97 39765

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