One of the core activities within the Capacity Building Pillar of the ACCESS project is the development of a theory-based yet practical e-coaching concept that aids in facilitating teaching and learning for both lecturers and students. In times of rapidly changing societal and technological developments, learning processes are no longer limited to physical classrooms. Learners and teachers are increasingly separated by time and space. This new reality presents challenges and complexities, as more information needs to be processed faster and new tasks must be completed. Innovative concepts, such as e-coaching, can help learners and teachers manage this complexity more effectively. We have developed an e-coaching handbook within our extended ACCESS network. This handbook is the result of collaborative efforts by universities from Poland, Finland, Greece, and Germany. It details how these institutions have created training materials and e-learning courses to effectively engage students through remote learning.

The e-coaching handbook is now implemented in the ACCESS Wiki – more information and the handbook itself can be found here.

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