UBL/CE PILLAR Promotion Series

ACCESS Road Trip

Welcome to the “ACCESS Road Trip”! This is a promotional series that aims to introduce you to our core African partner universities and the larger network of affiliated universities in our project. We are excited to take you on a journey across Africa to showcase the diverse and vibrant higher education institutions that we work with and which are sharing our vision and goals of the ACCESS project.

Throughout this series, we will feature a different partner university in each episode, highlighting their unique point of view, their interest in ACCESS and our topics, and of course their achievements within the duration of our project. You will have the opportunity to learn about their core interests, different people who are involved, some engaging formats, as well as hear from students and faculty members about their experiences.

Our goal with the “ACCESS Road Trip” is to promote cross-cultural understanding and knowledge sharing among universities across Africa and beyond. By showcasing the strengths and accomplishments of our partner universities, we hope to foster new partnerships and collaborations that will drive innovation and positive change in education and society. We want to use the work that was done by the UBL/ CE Pillar of the ACCESS project to support the sustainability and growth of the ACCESS network.

So, feel invited and get ready for an exciting journey with the “ACCESS Road Trip”! We invite you to join us as we explore the rich and dynamic world of African higher education.



Marcel Liebich

Coordinator for ACCESS (UBL)
Leipzig University
Management and Economics of Innovation
+49 341 97 33654

Bismark Agyei Yeboah

Coordinator for ACCESS (UBL | AGEA)
Leipzig University | SEPT
+49 341 97 39765

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