It had not been possible for a long time due to problems with visa issuance: Finally, our Tunisian ACCESS partners Prof. Dr. Hamadi Tizaoui (Board Member) and Ghofrane Bounouh (Project Coordinator) were able to visit Leipzig from October 9-14, 2022. On Monday and Tuesday, the focus was on working with the ACCESS doctoral candidates. In particular, our Tunisian PhD students had the opportunity to receive detailed feedback on the status of their work on employability in Tunisia.

During the five-day stay, there was also the opportunity for focused work meetings with ACCESS project leader Prof. Dr. Utz Dornberger and the Leipzig project coordinators of the various ACCESS Pillars. The dynamics that unfolded brought new momentum for the future months of teamwork: Once again, these days together proved how important regular physical meetings are in international cooperation projects.

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