Access and Benefit Sharing – Sustainable Use of Biodiversity (ABSbio) (2019 – 2022)

The joint project seeks to introduce entrepreneurship promotion as a cross-cutting issue into existing sustainability and biodiversity programmes at our partner universities in Uganda and Benin. The project partners are Leipzig University (Germany), Makerere University (Uganda) and IRGIB Africa University (Benin).

With this approach, this project enriches the AGEA network with an exciting and vital field of action. The project was developed against the background of two significant challenges in our globalized world:

  • High unemployment rates due to a lack of meaningful jobs for highly qualified people in the partner countries;

  • The threat to the rich biodiversity of the countries involved. Critical factors threatening biodiversity are linked to unsustainable business models.

We see the need to enable knowledgeable young scholars to develop better business models for people to benefit from their rich biodiversity sustainably. The core of the project is curricula development and capacity development among trainers at our partner universities.

Through the idea challenge held in 2020, exciting ideas from young scholars in Benin and Uganda were shared, and we will continue working to facilitate such ideas further. Please contact Robert Meyer or more information.

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