We are currently in the process to finalize a course on biodiversity based business development on Atingi. This course will serve lecturers at any university as a basis for their coursework with students in BA modules that seek to link entrepreneurial training to their knowledge about biodiversity resources.

In the light of the rapid loss of biodiversity and the quest for sustainable business solutions to customer needs anywhere in the world, this link is a vital resource for any young entrepreneur. Students will understand what a business model is and they will be able to relate it to innovation, biodiversity and sustainability. Based on the knowledge gained from the course further discussions in class as well as actual business model development can be facilitated by the lecturer.

This course was developed within the framework of the ABSbio Project at the international SEPT Competence Centre at Leipzig University. The development of the course was funded by the DAAD with funds from the German Federal Ministry of economic cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The International SEPT Competence Center is a research and training center at the Faculty of Economics and Management Science of Leipzig University dedicated to providing theoretical insight as well as practical experience in the management and promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide.

Stay tuned for further updates on the publication of the course and get in touch with Robert Meyer for further information.

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